The GPN Scheme allows individuals families and companies to invest in and support projects which recycle, reduce and remove plastic & plastic pollution.

Enabling them to become Plastic Neutral

Global Plastic Neutral Scheme

You, your family and environmentally conscious companies around the world can calculate your entire annual plastic footprint and then become Plastic Neutral with the help of GPNS and our partners.

This is achieved by calculating your plastic footprint and then paying a subscription amount based on your annual plastic usage. This subscription can be paid monthly or in one payment. The choice is yours.

The Global Plastic Neutral Scheme will run, operate and financially support global projects proven to tackle plastic pollution; helping to recycle, reuse and repurpose your current and future plastic waste from the environment and beyond. This includes plastic which is hard-to or currently unrecyclable.

GPNS funding in the near future will also be recorded on the immutable blockchain along with the amounts of plastic each project recycles or removes from the environment; so you can rest assured that there will be full accountability for you, us and everyone involved.

Plastic Positive Projects

The projects that your subscription money goes into will include incentivised recycling for consumers and companies, encouraging everyone to make the change needed when disposing of plastics which are readily recyclable. They will also support local environmental (beach etc.) clean-ups to reduce plastic pollution in our environment.

GPNS’ flagship scheme will also support and operate a direct collection/pick-up scheme which will divert plastic (both recyclable and non-recyclable) in the future from ending up in the waste stream; thereby stopping it from ending up in landfill or the environment. In the case of non-recyclable plastic; turning that and other types of hard to recycle plastic into new, usable materials or products.


Most households throw away between 40kg and 80kg of plastic each year, which is enough to make 10 recycle bins. Only a small portion of this is easily recycled by local authorities.

By subscribing monthly or annually to the Global Plastic Neutral Scheme your family can be Plastic Neutral. Your subscription fees will go towards funding tangible, provable projects to recycle, reduce and repurpose all plastic, not just single use plastic.

The Plastic Neutral Scheme will accept the currency of the country you reside in as payment to offset your annual plastic footprint and you can pay by PayPal.

Subscribe Now for £7.50 a month or less and become Plastic Neutral Pay Annually or Monthly with Credit or Debit Card

Working together with companies; we can assess and record their annual plastic usage; their Plastic Footprint.

GPNS then ensures that like your family, companies can invest in projects which allow them to neutralise that plastic footprint and become Plastic Neutral.

All projects that are funded by GPNS must prove that they recycle, reduce or re-purpose a set amount of plastic annually. All of which will be recorded on the blockchain.

Plastic Pollution Survey

A study led by Roland Geyer; an industrial ecologist at UC Santa Barbara, tallied the incredible amount of plastic we have produced. Including; how it’s used and ultimately, where it ends up.

In total, we have produced 9.1 billion tons of plastic, with an astonishing 5.4 billion tons of this either currently in landfill or polluting our environment – nearly 60% of the plastic we have ever produced has not been disposed of efficiently or recycled. This amount is set to increase to 28.7 billion tons by 2050, with 13.2 billion tons either discarded in landfill or polluting our environment.

1 Million
Plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will jump another 20% by 2021.
Between 5m & 13m tonnes of plastic leak into the world’s oceans each year to be ingested by sea birds, fish and other organisms.
By 2050 the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish.
In the UK 38.5m plastic bottles are used every day
500 YEARS It takes up to 500 years to decompose plastic items in landfill
This amount is will increase to 28.7 billion tons of plastic resins produced by 2050 with 13.2 billion tons of plastic discarded either in landfill or the environment.
Who Is Plastic Neutral in 2018?

The Individuals, Families, Companies and Organisations below are Global Plastic Neutral Scheme subscribers.

As such, they are certified as either fully Plastic Neutral in 2018 or have neutralised a specific weight of Plastic via their Subscription.

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Is your company or organisation a CSR pioneer? Do you want to be at the forefront of a fight to finally provide a concerted global solution to plastics pollution, recycling and abatement?

Then email now to become Plastic Neutral.

Show the world that the status quo is no longer acceptable when it comes to irresponsible plastic disposal.